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Dolphin Engines reserve the right to alter specifications as necessary and without prior notice.

Engine: Three port, two stroke.
Cylinders: Two.
Bore: 63mm (12bhp), 68mm (16hp).
Stroke: 56mm (12bhp), 60mm (16hp).
Displacement: 350cc + 440cc (16hp).
Power Output: 12bhp + 16bhp.
Torque: 19ft/lb + 24ft/lb Max.
Carburettor: Amal Series 200.
Fuel: Petrol/Oil mixture.
Fuel Consumption: 2/3 pints/hour at cruising - 8.60 pints/hour at full throttle (12hp) +25% 16hp.
Petrol/Oil mixture 40/1.
Cooling: Raw water.
Water Pump:
Johnson F35B-8.
Sparking Plugs:
AC-46 XLS, NGK-BP5ES, Champion-N16YC.
Engine Mounting:
Flexible, on four sheer rubber bobbins.
Maximum Installation Angle:
15 degrees.
Sea water res. alloy - fully machined.
Crankshaft Assembly:
Four flywheels, shafts and two crankpins pressed up into a complete assembly with connecting pins.
Connecting Rods:
Forged, with hardened and ground big end eyes.
Big End Bearings:
24 uncaged rollers in two rows of 12 for each big end.
Lo-Ex alloy with narrow rings of considerable radial depth. Oversize available.
Gudgeon Pins: Needle Roller Bush - running on hardened and ground Gudgeon Pin.

Cylinder Heads: Sea water res. alloy, fully machined toroidal form combustion chambers - large water passages.
Cylinders: Close grained nickel iron. Very large water passages.
12 Volt through roller clutch. Emergency hand start at front of engine (flat belt).
12V x 50/60amp.hour capacity (minimum).
500 Watt Alternator.
120lbs. including Mtgs. and gearbox (54 kg).
Control Panel:
"A" water resistant plug-in flat panel with battery condition indicator, ignition switch and charging warning light. "B" as above with rev. meter and ammeter.
Lumenition breakerless ignition with high voltage discharge coil. Twin trigger back-up system.
Remote Controls:
Single lever throttle and gearbox.
2-1 reduction through Hurth FNR gearbox (3-1 optional).
Propeller: 12"/13" x 10" Bronze R.H. fixed (folding optional). 14/15" (16hp).
24 Month Guarantee:
(from date of purchase): provided your engine is installed
to normally accepted commercial standards Dolphin guarantees parts of their own manufacture against faulty workmanship. ANY CARRIAGE COSTS are on the account of the purchaser. Spark plugs, belts and/or misuse or flooding are excluded.


DOLPHIN ENGINES, Drinnick House, St George's Road, Nanpean, St Austell, Cornwall PL26 7XR
Tel: 01726 824726 (from outside the UK, dial: +44 1726 824726)     e-mail:
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